2018-2019 Arcticwolves Roster

2016-2017 Arcticwolves

The Arcticwolves (AWs) play at the D level of the Women’s Association of Colorado Hockey (WACH). AW players are generally novice in skill level and more new to ice hockey. They are very passionate about the sport and always seek to improve their game! The AW enjoy on ice competition and welcome any opportunity to hone their skills. Because they are a D team, the AW players can sub up for the Timberwolves (i.e., C WACH games). Just like for other PPWFH team members, all AW players have to register online with USA Hockey.


For information about AW games and practices, click on the Schedule” tab above! It also explains where to find scores, rankings and information about other D WACH teams.

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