PPWHF and Monument Ice Rinks are hosting 4 youth hockey players from IRELAND!!

April 11 – May 9th these athletes will be training with the Colorado Rampage!

If you would like to help sponsor these athletes please DONATE HERE! 

(Left to right: Lara, Sarah, Daragh and Daniel)







“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”

Sarah is a 16 year old member of the Flying Ducks that plays both forward and defense.  She has been playing ice hockey for almost 2 years and has many hobbies including ice/inline/field hockey, kickboxing, horseback riding, swimming, drawing and acting.  This organized and ambitious young lady is most proud of her achievements in sports and acting.  Sarah will use her kind nature to encourage young players while coaching and training in Colorado.









“Free time is the enemy of progress” – Casey NiestatDaragh

Daragh will be 16 years old the day before traveling to the United States! He enjoys playing hockey, blogging, playing guitar, taking photographs, and spending time with dogs. Daragh supports the Edmonton Oilers and is most proud of representing Ireland in both ice and inline hockey. This motivated, creative young man is ready to train and help out with coaching young Colorado ice hockey players.










“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work.”

Daniel is a 16 year old goalie for the Flying Ducks.  He’s been playing on ice for just over 2 years splitting time as a player and as a goalie.  Daniel is most proud of representing Ireland in Coventry last summer and cheers for the Montreal Canadiens.  This friendly and outgoing young man enjoys fishing, hurling, winter sports, rugby, swimming and spending time with dogs.  Daniel will be working hard with the Rampage, training and coaching for the four weeks he will be in Colorado.






“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

Lara has been playing ice hockey for three years with the Flying Ducks Dublin.  She plays both forward and defense and likes to cheer on the New York Rangers. This caring and determined young lady spends her time playing ice hockey, field hockey, singing, sketching and drawing.  Lara is most proud of her athletic ability and will put that to use while she trains and coaches young players in Colorado.