Welcome to Pikes Peak Women’s Hockey!

We are currently hosting two women’s only (18+) ice hockey teams! PPWHF is always looking to grow women’s hockey in Colorado. All skill levels welcome!


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2018-2019 Season Schedule is HERE
2/23 – AWAY – Arcticwolves @ Dirty Llamas – 8:15PM (Sports Stable)
2/24 – HOME – Timberwolves vs Hoodrats  – 9:15AM (World Arena Ice Hall)
3/2 – HOME – Arcticwolves vs Spitfires – 6:30PM  (World Arena Ice Hall)
3/9 – HOME – Timberwolves vs Vipers – 6:30PM (World Arena Ice Hall)
3/15 – HOME – Timberwolves vs Hoodrats – 7:30PM (World Arena Ice Hall)
3/16 – HOME – Timberwolves vs Hoodrats – 1:15PM (World Arena Ice Hall)
3/16 – AWAY – Arcticwolves @ Growlers – 1:45PM  (Greeley Ice Haus)
3/16 – AWAY – Arcticwolves @ Growlers – 10:45AM  (Greeley Ice Haus)
3/22 – AWAY – Arcticwolves vs Sparks – 9:00PM (Apex Ice Arena Arvada)


Congrats to our Breckenridge Oktoberfest B2 Champions!!

Barton Family GoFundMe: 
Thanks to everyone who has either donated and/or shared the GoFundMe below. The outpouring of generosity and love is overwhelming! Jen Barton and her children are a beloved part of the Wolves and Rampage Hockey Organizations. Though we met our initial fundraising goal, after doing a budget (thank you Leah Schulze Light!), expenses are a bit higher than we thought. We are able to now cover bills, etc., however she is a little short on money to cover groceries and gas. We would love to give her a couple of months to decide her next steps. If you would prefer to do a Safeway card or gas card, please send me a message and I can get it to her. Thank you for your consideration for this wonderful family ❤

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